Hey Coaches and Experts! Do You Need More High-Paying Clients?

Want to Scale Without Overwhelming Yourself?
This book is specifically designed for coaches and consultants who are already earning some money from their businesses and would like to get $10K/$20K+ months.

It's about to change everything for you.

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are you not getting enough clients?
I’m guessing that you’ve accepted limitations put on you either by others or by yourself.

Do you believe the following?

  • Getting clients is slow and time consuming.
  • You need a big following to get new clients.
  • Getting clients is difficult. You are just no good at it.
  • You have to be all over the social media, so people notice you.
  • You have to pay for ads to get clients.
  • Selling low ticket items is easier than high ticket.

The Belief that you are limited might be holding you back from your biggest dreams.
Instead what if:
You enroll high-ticket clients effortlessly by connecting with the right people on Facebook
You go from not having any following to getting new clients — just by creating posts that convert
You acquire a superpower skill inside of you — you can now scale and 2x, 5x or 10x your business.

I’ll show you the keys to activating those superpowers

"Gene, this is a really good action plan! You were right, going all in by building an audience on Facebook is the way to go!"
Yohan Wong
Founder of a Facebook Agency and a Student of Gene Adam
"Thank you for helping us with our marketing. I'm blown away. We just made 4 more sales (literally a few days ago) after talking to Gene and implementing one of his strategies."
Katerina Yocha
Fashion Designer and Boutique Owner
"Nobody knew me and afterwards - I'm known. Not like superstardom but known to a good-sized audience who have since become my followers, have engaged with me, joined my groups, and started buying from me... It made a big difference."
Paul Atherton
Paul Atherton UK #1 Sales Coach and Creator of P.I.T.C.H.


Gene immigrated as a teenager from the Ukraine to U.S. and became a successful businessman in the mid 2000s, He made his first million dollars before the 2007 market crash, and despite his early success he got a divorce and lost it all.

By failing hard he has come back much stronger this time. In 2009 Gene opened a new e-commerce store that generated a swarm of leads by using social media audience to his advantage. In 2019, he started teaching coaches, consultants and experts how to get results by building audience from social media.

So why should I believe Gene Adam? Well, because of his results:

  • 5,000+ happy customers that kept on buying his products from his Google Ads.

  • Worked as an social "audience" guy for dozens of coaches, e-commerce and agencies.

  • Helped driving traffic organically by writing targeted posts. Over 10000+ posts analyzed and 1000+ posts written.

  • Coached 30+ clients around the world by using organic traffic from social media

Are You Ready to Discover
Your Limitless Audience?

Belief that you are limited might be holding you back from your biggest dreams. In Limitless Audience, I share tools that will help you cast off your perceived limitations.

You’re going to learn how to enroll high-ticket clients effortlessly by connecting with the right people on Facebook. What’s more you’ll learn how to work less and make more.

This is for you if you need help with scaling without overworking and overwhelming yourself. This can be achieved with organic audience and withouts paid ads.

In these pages, you’ll discover dozens of secrets to help you profit and scale:

  • How to get extremely clear on your ideal client who will pay you right away and who will be happy with your work. (I'll take you through a step-by-step process to identify them)
    Revealed on Page 37
  • How you can get your ideal clients get real outcome, if they meet all of your conditions.
    Revealed on Page 40
  • Choosing the right framework you'll need to cause transformation in your client's mind. (I'll give you my best frameworks that convert well)
    Revealed on Page 33
  • How to create an irresistable offer. Especially if your offer is making few sales. (I'll give you my exact system how to craft an irresistible offer that converts like magic)
    Revealed on Page 73
  • Identifying roadblocks. ( I’ll take you through my process that will identify what pieces are missing in your business and what you have to do to achieve results)
    Revealed on Page 45
  • Finding where your perfect audience at.
    Revealed on Page 82
  • How to pitch your offer on social media so you get the right leads sending you PMs like magic
    Revealed on Page 91
  • Creating incredible lead-generating/selling content and written posts that stops potential clients in their tracks. (You'll learn the process how to write the posts that attract only your perfect clients - not the people that don't want to pay.. You'll learn how to be an expert and solve their problems with your offer even if you think you're not an expert now)
    Revealed on Page 60
  • How to create amazing mini webinars that convert. I can't believe no one is teaching this… This is my favorite 80/20 hack. Simple but powerful. (You'll also learn how shorter videos can shortcut the process and catapult you to your success. You don't need to create 3 hours webinars)
    Revealed on Page 66

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Is This For You?

Maybe you’re saying, “But Gene, this all sounds like a lot of work. Why should I bother?”

Reading Limitless Audience and joining my program will help you get more traffic, leads and more sales.

If you are a Coach, Expert or Consultant, it will help you get high ticket sales and make you work smarter. I realize it’s a bold claim, but I’m convinced it’s true and that it is a learnable skill.

Here’s what’s possible before and after learning the tools & strategies from Limitless Audience:


Zero to a few customers / Stressing out
Nervously trying to get at least 1-2 steady clients, but it is always a challenge to keep them coming. Risking your monthly income. Wondering how you can pay bills for you and your family and your future.
No Audience / No Fans
Having no fans and followers will leave you high and dry. Little or no content won't bring you any customers.
Low Prices
Not charging enough for your high-ticket items. Worrying that if you raise your prices, people will run away or accuse you of being a rip off.
Customer scarcity
Having few customers causes stress, anxiety, struggle and you overwork trying to land another client, but good clients are hard to come around.


Enough customers to run a sustainable biz
Creating a constant inflow of customers without risking your monthly income. Having enough paying customers so you can stop and think how you can scale your awesome business to the next level.
Audience / Fans / Followers
Having fans and followers can be the fuel for your business. By consuming your content, eventually they will buy from you.
Raising Your Prices
Increasing your prices without worrying that your customers might leave you. Customers are happy to pay more if you deliver great results.
Customer Abundance
Making more and working less will free up your schedule so you can have more time for you and your family. Scale your business and give back.

How Will Your Life   Change?

When you learn how to get limitless audience there’s nothing that can hold you back. What do you want to achieve? How will your life will change? What dreams will come true if already got “your” unlimited customers?

Believe that anything is possible:
The tools provided in the book will increase your earnings if you take action and execute these concepts.
I will cover content funnel and drip content that you can use to attract your customers.
The knowledge accumulated in the book will not only get you more clients but it will help your clients’ clients.
Get recognized as the go to expert in your field. No need to run after clients begging them to work with you.
Your clients should seek you out, not the other way around. There’s a more effective way to get new customers.
Whether you write posts or create a webinar I will show you a few ways to achieve results quicker.